What is the Ayurvedic Medicine for Nightfall?

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Ayurvedic treatment for Nocturnal Emission

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Posted by: Kays Ayurveda

Adolescence is nature’s way of preparing our body for more completely human traits, starting with the sequence of sexual and physical maturation of the body. The physical and cognition evolution of our body largely depends on the hormonal in progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone- the sex hormones. These chemicals moving inside your body turn a kind to an adult, which slowly progresses with time.

But this process often brings a range of sexual complications, such as natural emission that is also known as nightfall, wet dream, sex dream, or sleep orgasm. Nightfall is one of the everyday sexual stresses that most adolescent boys find weird and embarrassing to share with the health counsellors due to a social stigma attached to it.

This article will let you take a peek inside this problem and debunk some of the myths that project a negative image of this normal, healthy occurrence that can be prevented with Ayurvedic treatment for Nocturnal Emission.

What is Nightfall?

Nightfall is a common sexual dysfunction that is typically linked with adolescent boys. Wet dreams occur when a person orgasms unintentionally in a dream when they are sleeping, which may or may not be sexually erotic. A person having repetitive erotic dreams may awaken with bedding or wet clothing. This is because your genitals went hypersensitive when you’re sleeping. This is because there’s more blood flow to the area. And if you have a dream that is turning you on, there’s a chance that you’ll ejaculate during orgasm during shut-eye time.

Symptoms of Nightfall

Nightfall can equally occur in both males and females, where it happens in ejaculation in men and vaginal lubrication in women. Men may wake up with semen emitted on bedsheets and their clothes. Wet dreams can occur throughout your life after puberty but mainly occur during adolescence. According to a report, it is found that almost 38% of teenage boys have nightfall before knowing what it is.

Is it normal to experience Nightfall multiple times?

For an adolescent going through puberty, yes. As an adult, not that much. There’s nothing to get crazy about; it’s not abnormal. Sex hormones- progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone- fluctuate during adolescence, which builds your interest in sexual activities. As we grow older, our hormone levels decrease, which affects the intensity of having wet dreams or having an orgasm during shut-eye time.

If you’re an adult and have repetitive wet dreams, consider chatting with your partner or parents. You can also try Ayurvedic treatment for Nocturnal Emission to recover the fallen strength, increase sperm count and endurance.

Will sex dreams always end in ejaculation?

Nope. You can think about it in this way: you have seen something erotic on your phone; do you ejaculate every time you see something naked? You have an erotic dream about something sexual, but it is necessarily not important that you’ll end up emitting semen, even it turns you on when you’re asleep.

Are sex dreams the only thing that can turn us on?

Not necessarily. Sex dreams cannot always trigger orgasm when you’re asleep. It can be more due to the sensation of bedding pressure against your genitals can trigger orgasm.

Myths about wet dreams

There are several myths about nightfall, which can cause uncertainty and might also trigger anxiety if you don’t know about it.

Wet dreams reduce sperm count

People believe that having episodes of nightfall reduces a man’s sperm count, but it’s not. Wet dreams are a natural way for the testicles to expel older sperm and replace it with the new healthy semen in the body.

Nightfall is the man thing

Some people believe that women can’t have wet dreams, but it’s not like that. Women can also have wet dreams. Female nightfall occurs in the form of vaginal lubrication.

Nightfall is the sign of illness

It’s a myth that nightfall is the sign of an underlying medical condition or illness. The truth is just the opposite of it. Nightfall is a sign of healthy intestinal functioning.

Wet dreams will shrink the size of your penis

It’s a bizarre delusion and has no scientific evidence that confirms it. Nightfall is the secretion of old semen out from the body; there’s no connection with the size.

Ayurvedic perspective for nightfall

According to Ayurveda, several environmental and biological stresses contribute to wet dreams ( nightfall), such as tension, stress, increased libido, and previous sexual relationships. Depending on those factors, a suitable medication is used to prevent nightfall problems. It can be caused due to excessive intake semen producing diets, avoiding sexual contact for months, or the weakness of seminal vesicles.

Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall

Although nightfall is a normal functioning of your body, but if frequency increase can cause physical and psychological stresses which may affect your sex life if you’re taken. Having multiple wet dreams can also decrease your interest in sexual activities, make you feel weak and dizzy all day, and trigger anxiety to someone who experiences it without knowing it. If you feel that this is affecting your life, then Ayurvedic treatment for Nocturnal Emission can be the one and only solution to your problem.

The Ayurvedic treatment is safe, as the formulation of ayurvedic medicines is entirely natural, derived from the extraction of several powerful herbs, leaves, and fruits that helps your body to recover by providing essential nutrients that you may lose during nightfall. Ayurveda is just not limited to herbs and natural remedies; Ayurvedic treatment also includes meditation and yoga that are also proven effective in preventing the frequency of nightfall.

Disclaimer: The information featured on this page cannot be used as a substitute for medical advice. Seek medical help for personalized Ayurvedic treatment. Contact our expert sexologist to avail the best Ayurveda treatment for any sexual disorder. For further advice, you can use this helpline: +91-9870555964 number or visit www.kaysayurveda.com.



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