Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement

Micropenis dysfunction: What is it, symptoms & Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargementMicropenis is an abnormal size of penis that can be caused by genetic or hormonal abnormalities. Micropenis is also a commonly reported sexual dysfunction in which the stretched penis size is abnormally smaller than the average size of the penises. Studies have shown that a flaccid penis’s average size is estimated to be around 3.66 inches and 4.59 inches for an erect penis. Having a small penis size than usual can interfere with your sex life, weakens your relationship with your partner, affects your self-esteem, Low libido (Low sex drive), and can lead to other sexual ailments.

This sexual dysfunction can affect certain areas of your life and bring some chronic mental illnesses like anxiety or clinical depression. Before it starts affecting your life, here’s the ultimate guide derived from the ancient texts of Ayurveda. This writeup has covered some relevant insights that will help you attain the average penis size important for a satisfying sexual life.

What are the symptoms of micropenis?

When your penis length measures 3.2 inches or less is the primary symptom of micropenis. This sexual dysfunction can trigger other health problems like- erectile dysfunction, which can interfere with your having satisfying sexual intercourse.

What causes micropenis?

Micropenis usually develops due to the deficiency of fetal testosterone, which can result from several factors. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is a primary cause that results in micropenis. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is a common health condition that occurs when the part of your brain that is responsible for controlling the autonomic nervous system and pituitary is not able to secrete hormones that stimulate your testicles to produce testosterone that is necessary for keeping your bones and muscles strong and reproductive function. However, some other conditions are responsible for a small penis size, which might include the following:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Low pituitary stimulation
  • Low blood flow to reproductive organs
  • Side effects of certain medicines
  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Stumpy testosterone level

Does size really matter for women?

Of course, it is! Size does matter because the stimulation in the G-spot or vaginal canal is often achieved by the size of the penis. The more intense the sensation in the vaginal canal, the more pleasure is likely to be achieved. In the broadest sense, the longer your penis is, the more likely it will be able to reach the G-spot. When it comes to circumference, the wider your penis is, the more likely it will cause pleasurable friction on sensitive areas of the vaginal canal.

Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement

Ayurveda offers a plethora of ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement. The precise blend of potent herbs that are used during the Ayurvedic treatment helps to regain.

  • The average penis size
  • Revive and regenerate your whole reproductive organs
  • Increase your fallen power and stamina
  • Increase your sex drive
  • Enhance blood flow to the genitalia
  • Bring balance to hormonal imbalance
  • Reinforce the muscles of the male sexual organ

Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement uses a precise blend of ancient ayurvedic therapies and herbs that are used to detect and eradicate the primary drivers of the problems and deliver permanent relief.

Disclaimer: sexual dysfunction is a common health ailment that is required to be chewed down with the right treatment in time before it starts affecting your life. It’s advised that you do not make any changes in your diet or schedule without considering your doctor.


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