Natural ways to enhance your Sexual Stamina

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ayurvedic treatment to increase Stamina

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Posted by: Kays Ayurveda

The term stamina is a broader concept, but when it is linked to sexuality, it refers to your sexual performance. The concept of sexual stamina varies between men and women. For males, the average time before they reach the big O is around two to five minutes, while for women, it is a bit high, about 20 minutes.

Men are interested in improving stamina to bring pleasure and satisfaction during sex.

And often, they turn to pills in the market which may or may not help them generally and the long-term use of which can hamper their tendency to get erected. If you are not satisfied with your average time before you reach orgasm, there are ways to increase stamina with Ayurveda treatment.

Ayurveda is an old age science with herbs and spices potential to bring promissory results. It is believed in Ayurveda that low sexual stamina can be a result of excessive intake of incompatible foods. Consuming foods that are high in salt and sugar, heavy, fried, or sour, can imbalance the doshas of the body. Aggravation of Vata can lead to negative emotions of fear, jealousy, anxiety, anger, and nervousness, which disrupts the sexual urge. They cause sweating and heart palpitations when you really want to enjoy your personal life but end up losing interest in the partner.

However, it is important to understand that worrying about maintaining erections leads to anxiety, which is often a key factor in sexual performance.

Here are some tips that may help you out with boosting sexual performance:

Use the start and stop technique
This may sound absurd, but this is one of the best ways to hold on to ejaculation even during intense sexual activity. This is how you can start- every time you feel your ejaculation is on point, stop and breathe slowly and start slowly once again. Then stop again to delay ejaculation for as long as you want. This method will train your body to hold on to ejaculation and enjoy more time.

Stay active
Being physically active also improves your sexual desire. Regular exercise keeps your heart in shape and prevents the heartbeat from shooting up during physical activity. Regular 25-30 minutes of sweat-breaking exercises will boost your sexual urge.

Sexual pleasure
The environment of passion, excitement, and intimacy definitely calls out for a night full of pleasure. Routine sex seems to be boring, and you may find it difficult to feel excited, focused. To bring your sexual desire, try a new sexual activity or position, or perhaps changing a location may help. Talking about sexual fantasies may bring pleasure on the bed. These tips will help you and your partner to feel more connected and excited before you actually even go to the bedroom.

Manage your stress
Anxiety and stress make it hard to attain an erection. Also, sexual intimacy is affected when your mind is stressed. If you are anxious about how you may perform in the bed, your sexual desires may turn down, and likely you are not going to feel the pleasure. There are some techniques you can adopt to practice stress management, such as exercising, yoga, sound sleep, meditation, counseling, talking therapy with your partner, etc.

Quit smoking
Cigarette smoking results in hypertension and other heart-related disorders problems that usually interrupt your sexual urge. If you quit smoking, it will help improve sexual function, allowing you to last longer between the sheets.

Using a lubricant can make you enjoy sex more. Certain lubes can also help your libido last longer and elevate your orgasm.

Sex is not just physical
Sex is not merely a physical connection but a lot more. Sex gives you pleasure but having a mental connection improves your relationship with your partner. If you want your sex life to be at its best, never escape chances to flirt with your partner, and this goes for both men and women. Talking about love improves mental health and your physical relationship as well.

Practice mindfulness
Mindfulness means you are aware of the present moment. Practicing mindfulness does work in keeping stress at bay and improves your attitude towards physical relationships, and improves your ability to focus on the moment.

Talk, talk and talk!
If you have any issue related to sex, the best person to consult is your partner. Your partner may be able to ease your signs of worry and come up with rational suggestions. Working together will help you feel less isolated and build trust and healthy relationships.

Eat these foods
Studies have revealed the effectiveness of certain foods on improving blood flow. Include onion, garlic, chilies, and peppers, which are all-natural, in your meals. Another fruit, banana, rich in potassium, helps lower blood pressure, keeps your cells stay hydrated, and boosts metabolism- all of which help enhance your stamina.

Ayurvedic treatment for low stamina

It is normal to experience low stamina on some days, but if this happens for more time followed by other worrisome signs, it may point out an underlying disorder. Consult an ayurvedic physician who can help assess your signs and offer ayurvedic treatment for low stamina.

If you want to get treated with ayurvedic treatment to increase Stamina in Delhi, India, consult Kays Ayurveda.

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