Natural cure and care for Premature Ejaculation

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Posted by: Kays

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual problem that affects men. In this process, a male ejaculate soon after sexual penetration or sometimes during the foreplay. Men over 40s experience this problem more commonly, but men below 40 also develop this sexual disorder. In simple words, in the condition of premature Ejaculation, one discharges before the man wants to. There is no control of men over their Ejaculation in case of premature Ejaculation. This condition results in an unsatisfactory sexual experience for both partners. Many reports state that it is the most common sexual problem that men face.

Reasons behind premature Ejaculation

In general, there is no exact cause of this problem as causes vary from person to person. Some experience this problem due to any chronic illness, weakness, long gap in lovemaking episodes, side-effects of medicines and hormonal imbalance, etc. Others may have this problem because of psychological conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, guilt, etc.

Often, it is seen that psychological factors are mainly responsible for this problem in men. These days, stress has become an inseparable part of males’ life. Many of them cannot get rid of stress even in their bedroom, so they have to face sexual problems like Premature Ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, etc. Consulting a sexologist can be helpful in these sexual disorders. In most cases, premature Ejaculation gets cured with proper counseling and some exercises.

A few diet alternations are also recommended in some cases, as a well-balanced diet can work wonders. A combination of expert counseling, Yogic stances, and a proper diet can improve your performance in bed.

Treatment for premature Ejaculation

Nowadays, the market is flooded with innumerable products that boast of curing premature Ejaculation completely, but most products do not work well. Additionally, such medicines have many severe after-use side-effects. In case of any sexual disorder, people mostly take over-the-counter medicines due to their shyness or feel uncomfortable contacting a doctor having specialization in curing sexual problems.

On the other hand, if you choose an Ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems, you can get promising results without any side-effects. Ayurveda is a natural science that works on the physical and psychological causes of a problem to cure it permanently. There are numerous herbal medicines available in the market that have given positive results in Premature Ejaculation and other male sexual disorders. Herbal medicines improve a person’s overall health to ensure smooth body functioning, and therefore, a person experiences lasting enjoyment during his lovemaking session.

We at KAYS Ayurveda hold good experience in this specific healthcare sector and have cured numerous patients suffering from sexual problems such as premature Ejaculation or other.

If you are not lasting good enough in your lovemaking sessions with your partner, contact KAYS Ayurveda, and experience a better and lasting session.

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