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Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

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Posted by: Kays Ayurveda

If erection has been a matter of concern for you, likely you are at the right place.

Most men are overwhelmed with thoughts about an erection. After all, it is about the big O, and you don’t want to lose your partner’s interest.

So, what exactly erection is all about?

An erection or boner is the hardening of the penis. Most of the time, the penis is flabby until you are aroused. During the time of an erection, it fills with blood and eventually enlarges when the nerves around get their supply. This is why erection causes the penis to stand out from the body.

Why does your penis enlarge?

Feeling, seeing, or thinking about something that can turn up your desire to have sex is often the cause of the erection.

Sometimes there are no associated causes as spontaneous erections, or random boners occur all of a sudden.

Possibly you could wake up with a morning erection just because you had a sex dream.

How does it work?

First, let us allow you to bring into a greater depth on penis anatomy. There are two chambers that run the length of the penis called the corpora cavernosa. Each has a network of blood vessels that make up sponge-like spaces. When you are sexually aroused, the brain gets the signal and sends chemical messengers to let the blood rush through the blood vessels and fill them up, causing them to expand in size.

A membrane encircling the corpora cavernosa helps trap the blood so that your penis stays hard.

So, basically, erection is not about your penis but brain activity as well.

Is erection common?

Everyone with a penis gets erected. With that being said, lifestyle factors can make erection for some people, like intoxicated or stressed or tired.

Medications may also bring you closest to erectile dysfunction.

Does erection hurt?

Erection hurts or makes you uncomfortable in some cases, like in pee boners. This is because your penis does not let you wet yourself if you try to pee when you are hard, and you will notice pain or a burning sensation.

Also, masturbating too much or doing it vigorously may also cause discomfort.

Some medical conditions or injuries can also manifest as painful erections.

What comes out of the penis?

What comes out of your penis is not something to worry about unless it is yellow or green or has a stank to it.

Whatever you are experiencing is either ejaculate or pre-ejaculate, or precum.

Ejaculation occurs during orgasm. This is more likely to be arousal builds that lead to feel-good-release from the body. You may still ejaculate without reaching a big O or possibly reach orgasm without ejaculating.

The thin, greasy substance that comes out of your penis when you are erected but have not ejaculated is called precum. This precum has some amount of sperm and therefore increases the chances of pregnancy.

How can one make an erection go away?

The penis can only lose its stiffness once you’re ejaculating. The other ways to eliminate ejaculation include:

  • Changing positions, so your jeans or thighs aren’t touching your penis.
  • Bringing your attention to something nonsexual.
  • Distracting from whatever you are watching or talking about.
  • For a condition in which the penis will loosen its erection only after emitting out, the best option is to use the nearest washroom.

How often should you get erected?

There is no fixed rule on when and how many times one is supposed to get erected. As long as 10-11 erections per day to 3-5 erections are normal, but everyone is different.

Your age, lifestyle, hormones affect how often you get erected.

How can one get hard?

The key to getting an erection is to be fully relaxed and allow yourself to feel pleasure. Yes, stress primarily affects your ability to feel those feelings under the bedsheet. Having a negative self-image also results in a condition called erectile dysfunction, where you can’t feel your penis hard.

Here are some things that can help you get erected:

  • Think about something you find sexually arousing.
  • Look at images or look out for some movies you find arousing.
  • Read adult material or jokes.
  • Touch yourself anywhere it feels good, and it does not include your genitals only.
  • You can also try a sex toy.

How do you know if you are doing it the right way?

If you are erected, and it does not cause you pain or discomfort, it is good to go. Erections are a feeling of good, and there is no guilt. If you think talking about erections can affect your sexuality or your relationship with your partner, you can always seek professional help.

The takeaway

Getting hard or seeking pleasure is a healthy part of life and should not be linked to inconvenience or discomfort. Though you may feel a little discomfort when you find erection difficult, and it causes erectile dysfunction.

You should be able to get with penetrative sex, but with no pressure.

But if you have trouble maintaining an erection, consultation with healthcare should be in your order.

Many allopathic medications come with potential side effects that affect your ability to plan pregnancy with your partner. So, we recommend that you should consult an ayurvedic physician for this. Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is the key to healthy and pleasurable sexual life.

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